Broken Lost Confused Alone,

My feelings were trite to myself.

Nobody, noone, nothing to

Grasp to as


To DANCE was so far away as heaven

and LIFE was so far away as next-door;

An interminable stereotype away.

He was so big and large (the culprit),

My friend – now – and I know him not

What he seemed

                                             was to be

My attacker

I felt so very unhappily…

Confused Alone Distrusting

None for God or Mom or Dad or the MARKS

on the board that had to be corrosively removed

Like the soul’s empty promise to

                                              my God,

and I feel like I felt I was

Broken Hopeless Lost Afraid of

                                             my life,

To him, (the culprit) my attacker

                                            my love

was too unpleasant.

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