THE ART FARM is the working name for a unique creative & intellectual retreat in Mexico, with interactive communal sculptures, a community farm/tropical food forest, event spaces, guest lodgings, art studio, recording studio, gallery & more. We are currently scouting sites for the farm & hope to break ground in the next year.

The mission is to help people take a step back from their lives, find perspective & bring more joy, authenticity, purpose & connection into their daily lives through creative practices.


“All of the answers are within us, but such is our tendency toward forgetting that we sometimes need to venture to a faraway land to tap our own memory.”

Phil Cousineau

The Art Farm will be a non-spiritual creative retreat, centered on the concept of radical self-reliance; trusting people to define their own path without interference. We’ll build unique meditation spaces & creative experiences that help people do their own inner work. I hope that this set of flexible practices for authentic happiness will provide a jumping off point for those that want it, and inspire dialogues about the way we create the world around us. 


“The function of the artist is to make people like LIFE better than before.” – Kurt Vonnegut –


It is clear to me, and surely to many, that the modern world can be incredibly frustrating & isolating. It can be hard to find stability and joy in the daily grind, let alone meaning & purpose. I have long been pondering what core ideals will bring myself & others greater happiness in our lives. I have learned that with distance from our situation, we find crucial perspective. So part of this exploration of happiness has been to travel & connect with as many different kinds of people as possible. These experiences have profoundly impacted my perspective on what is possible in this life. And they have led me to my purpose, which is to hold the space for others to do that internal investigative work: to dream about how good life can be & bring those dreams into reality.

When we take the time to clarify our emotional & physical needs, we can make the important changes necessary in our lives to find true authentic joy. The mission of The Art Farm is to provide creative experiences that inspire visitors to build more purpose-driven realities full of love & connection.

To that end, I’ve developed a set of goals that I believe will help people live happier lives:

The Art Farm will provide the creative & intellectual space for visitors to do this crucial work to define their intentions & purpose and practice greater happiness. Visitors will be encouraged to explore freely & participate in a range of creative activities, art installations & community gardens.

I truly believe this retreat center will help people from all around the world to find greater joy & meaning. 

Thank you so much for supporting my vision to create a unique place to practice happiness through creativity.

I look forward to seeing you on the farm!


This is a big project & I will need all kinds of help to get this farm off the ground, so don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s talk! The fundraising page is live now! Click HERE to donate. Or buy something from my STORE. You can also donate directly: PAYPAL & ZELLE: [email protected] | VENMO: @Cody-Painter