I’m Cody Joseph Painter & I’m a freelance Renaissance Man working towards a big, beautiful dream.

With my diverse set of talents, I am the one to call for any & all of your art or design needs.

I also really love sharing knowledge & I have a LOT to teach. So… say hi!


"Jack of all trades, master of none,
is oftentimes better than a master of one."

Graphic & Web Design

Whatever your design needs, I have the skills to bring your creative vision to life. I’ll help you brand & market your small business or creative endeavor, and make sure your products and services stand out. I’m also available to teach design skills, software & techniques, remotely or IRL.


I have the right eye for a great shot, and always make people & places look their best. Do you need new headshots? Event photography? Real estate photos? I’ll make sure you get the right photos. I’ve also got a great collection of original photos available for backgrounds or marketing. 

Mixed Media Art

Perhaps you need a unique centerpiece at your wedding or event, or perhaps you want to commission a gift for someone special. I can help you with all this and so much more. I can also teach you the skills you need or help you design a program to achieve your creative goals.

Tutoring & Education Services

I’ll teach you any of the skills listed here & more! In addition to art classes, I’ve tutored children & adults in English, Japanese & Spanish among other subjects. I can get you started reading & writing music & playing the Ukulele. I also teach a variety of life skills; cooking, sewing, gardening, etc.. 

So what I really need to know is… What do you want to learn?